Design Outdoor Rooms to Reflect your Lifestyle

By Marcia Blake

Outdoor living captivates the indoors outside and beautifies your front and backyard with the same enthusiasm you embellish a much loved room in your home. It is all about expressing yourself!

A different way of thinking about the outdoor room is to focus on being inside the outdoors. What would you expect to see inside your family room? A warm fireplace, plush sofa, comfy love seat, rocking club chair, accent end table, custom drapes, decorative throw pillows, cozy throw blankets, some scented candles, a cocktail table, a bowl of fruit, a stereo system, a piece of artwork, and a flat screen television. The options are limitless. You just need to imagine a place that you want to spend most of your time, after that you need to create this image just as you envisioned it to be.

Once you have spent a lot of time and effort creating the ideal outdoor living space you will still need to distinguish it just like you do with your interior spaces. You can tie the room together as you express your taste in style. One finishing touch would be to strategically place a piece of outdoor artwork, a Weatherprint to accentuate the patio, garden or entrance of your outdoor living space. This art can also be the focal point of your room, on a wall or above a fireplace. Open Air Designs uses cutting edge materials like lightweight rust proof aluminum and ultra violet resistant inks that will not fade in the sun, as well as, wind resistant brackets. This is a perfect way to expand your design possibilities.

              Little Cactus                                      Evening Glow                                           Tuscan Beauty

               Still Life                                                    Tropical 9                                    Green Hills of Tuscany

Another example of bringing the inside out is in the use of multiple coordinating fabrics and trims on the drapes that hang from the pavilion or separate the living and dining spaces. Don’t be afraid to use color and texture outside, choose fabrics that make you feel good and reflect the inside décor.  Create custom pillows with the use of trims and coordinating fabrics and sprinkle them around the seating area. Lanterns with candles illuminate these outdoor living spaces along with the chandeliers and fire features. Mix and match materials in these outdoor settings, juxtapose wrought iron with glass, steel with terra cotta, wood against woven components, soft chenille textures and linear lines to get a new twist on an Old World style.

Designing outdoor rooms to reflect your lifestyle has never been easier. Today professional interior designers, landscape architects, garden designers and homeowners are decorating their outdoor living spaces using the latest high quality and design inspired furniture and accessories to dress up these outdoor spaces. The spring and summer weather provides us the luxury of creating an additional living area with all of the comforts, design and style that have previously only been available for our indoor rooms.

 Solair Retractable Awning                                             Paddy O’ Furniture Showroom

Shade makers are important features during the blistering hot days of summer. Accent or blend fabrics as you expand your home with a remote controlled Solair awning. It’s easy to add more space to your home, to add a safe sheltered outdoor area for your kids, more room for entertaining or just your own private retreat, it’s all possible-simply by reinventing the space you already have. A beautiful easy care awning will add shade and shelter as you add style with the added benefit of reducing your energy use throughout the year. With the touch of a button, a retractable remote controlled awning powered by a remote controlled Somfyâ motor can be stored out of the way The Solair retractable awning is made with Sunbrellaâ fabric, which can reduce interior home cooling energy consumption and provide sun protection from the sun’s rays for delicate interior furnishings not made of Sunbrella fabric as well as you and your loved ones.

                                         Treasure Garden Umbrella’s at Paddy O’ Furniture

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using awnings and umbrellas made with Sunbrella fabric as part of your complete sun protection regimen, along with the regular use of sunscreen. Coordinating Treasure Garden umbrellas with your outdoor furniture is easy especially with the latest selections available on the Sunbrella Kiosk for special orders. Expand your design possibilities as you reveal your sense of style.

Sunbrella Fabric Kiosk at Paddy O’ Furniture

As we create environments to complement our casual lifestyle, enjoying our homes by designing from the outside looking in, we are spending more time entertaining family and friends while utilizing the extended home’s living space. Trends in outdoor furniture closely follow the latest apparel trends utilizing vibrant colors, soft fabrics, high quality, design and function. Some of the latest trends in furniture and accessories add vibrancy, style and comfort to the outside living space. The outdoor living space should be a reflection of the indoor designs. Color, texture, quality and design are moving outside.

No longer are we confined to muted colors and simple design. Now color can create an ambiance of romance, quiet leisure, subdued elegance or vibrant energy. Accessories are moving upscale along with the furniture. The future of outdoor living spaces is bright.


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