Winterize Your Outdoor Furniture

Ready To Winterize?

Okay friends, we need you to do just a few more things on your patio or outdoor space. I know, I know… It’s time to go Trick-Or-Treating or think about Holiday decorations.  But, without a little late-fall attention, your outdoor living spaces are going to begin to look shabby.  And besides just looking nasty, you could inadvertently damage your property through neglect. So, if you follow these super-simple tips, your outdoor living spaces will look great all winter long.

Preparing your outdoor living spaces for winter keeps them looking good through the cold winter months, maintains them, and prepares them for spring.

Tips and tricks to winterize your patio furniture.

Clean and Store Your Patio Furniture

The gang at Paddy O’ Furniture believes that cleanliness is KEY in keeping your outdoor furniture looking swanky, If you’re packing away patio furniture for the winter, give it a solid cleaning so your furniture isn’t sitting in grime for the next 6 months. Wipe dirt and debris off tables and chairs and spray down everything with clean HOT water. Make sure it all dries completely before storing it indoors or covering it with a patio-furniture cover. Tie each cover to the furniture’s legs so that it stays in place.  Store it and plan on finding it clean and fresh when you open it in the spring!

Tips and tricks to winterize your outdoor and patio furniture.

Scrub Patio Cushions

I know this slightly repetitive, but we have no problem highlighting it due to importance.  Cushions are GROUND ZERO for filth. Wipe off all your outdoor cushions with a soapy sponge and water, and scrub off anything that needs should be removed. Let it dry completely for a few days to make sure there’s no moisture left. If you find any mildew when cleaning your cushions, leave them in the sun (a natural mold inhibitor). When the cushion is dry, scrub off loose spores with a dry sponge. After washing and drying completely, wrap your cushions in an old sheet or a garbage bag and store them inside.

Protect Your Wood Structures

Winter is hard on wood, but you can prevent moisture and mildew damage with a little preventative maintenance. Move all chairs, tables and other furniture off any wood deck, and sweep it. Removing dead leaves and debris will keep bacteria and rotting material from damaging your wood. Once all clear and clean, apply a water-tight seal to prevent moisture damage through the winter months.  If you have furniture that is wood – take time to make sure the wood is covered or treated if you cannot move it inside.

Winterizing your deck

Take Care of Flowering Plants and Take Care of Any Weeds

While we might sell furniture, we adore plants.  So making sure your outdoor space blooms again is important to Paddy O’ Furniture. Trim any plants that are safe for fall pruning, think ahead and plant a few spring-flowering bulbs. Add a fresh layer of mulch over your newly planted bulbs to shield them from frost and chill during Jack Frost’s reign. If you have any remaining annuals, say “Goodbye!” to them. If you let the dead plants stay where they are, they can become home to insects through the winter. Bite the bullet and tackle any weeds you see now. We believe you’ll see more spring blooms if early plants don’t have to fight it out with weeds. Pull weeds by hand, or spray them so they don’t get a chance to develop roots between freezes.

By taking care of these winterizing jobs now, your outdoor living space will look good all winter long and be ready for spring.  If you have any questions on furniture care, you know the gang here at Paddy O’ Furniture is always ready to give you the insights!


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