Tips for Decorating your Patio for the Holidays

Sometimes during this time of year, people focus a lot on decorating the indoors like the Christmas tree, fireplace mantle, or the dining room table and they neglect to decorate their outdoor space.  Wreaths, candles, and lights are just a few of the things that you can add to your patio or deck to spice it up for the Holiday season.

1.  Add a Wreath.  Wreaths come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and more.   Add a simple live evergreen wreath for a natural feel or decorate an artificial wreath with lights, ornaments, or ribbon.  However you choose to do it, a wreath is a warm and inviting gesture.

Holiday wreaths for the outdoors.

2.  Garland is Your Friend.  Garland is a great decorating accessory for the outdoors.  You can string garland along roof edges or wrap it around columns.  Garland is a great way to play up the architecture of your home and outdoor spaces.

Decorating with outdoor garland for the holidays.

3.  Let There be Light.  String lights are an ever popular holiday decorating staple.  String lights come in many kinds including incandescent, LED, or Globe lights.  Depending on your aesthetics, any of these types can work.  You can tie in the garland with your lights if you want to hide wires or you can get lights with green wires for lights you plan on placing on greenery such as trees, bushes, or wreaths.

using lights outdoors for holiday decoration.

4. Romantic Touches.  Adding candles to your outdoor space adds a romantic feel to your patio or deck.  Placing candles other greenery can create an earthy and natural beauty to your outdoor decor.

Using candle centerpieces for outdoor dining.

5.  Use Color.  Use holiday colors or a little sparkle to add a fun touch to your patio space.  You can easily change out patio furniture cushions to a green, red, or white to celebrate the season.  If you don’t now have cushions to fit the bill, places like Paddy O’ Furniture can help you with ordering cushions in colors that suit your need.

6.  Have Fun!  The last and most important tip to decorating your outdoor space for the Holidays is to have a great time!  Get family and friends involved and make it a group activity.  Open a great bottle of wine and make it a special occasion for everyone to join in the decorating fun!


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