Tips to Prepare your Garden for Winter

Have you done what’s necessary to protect your garden for winter?  With the coldest months of the year just around the corner, there isn’t a better time to prepare your garden for winter.  To make sure that your garden is at its best this coming Spring and Summer, it is essential to do the proper winter maintenance on your garden to keep it in tip-top shape!

The following are great tips and suggestions on how to get your garden ready for winter.

Clean up your garden.  Removing weeds and anything dead in your garden beds is important.  Digging up plants that have finished their yearly run will help keep the soil healthy.  It can actually be a smart idea to leave  a small amount of leaf litter and foliage from the fall months to create a protective layer for the ground from frost and curious critters!  Putting your patio furniture away is also a great way to tidy up your garden area and to protect your patio furniture from damage.  Patio furniture covers are a great solution for covering your furniture and protecting it from the elements.

Clean up your garden for the winter months.

Love your lawn.  Rake away leaves from your lawn that have gathered.  Aerate your lawn with a lawn fork and feed your lawn with some autumn lawn fertilizer to keep it healthier throughout winter.

Check your deck.  Checking your deck and patio to make sure that they have had the proper maintenance can help you from having to do major work on them in the Spring and Summer months.  Doing the necessary updates and repairs on your deck and patio now can save you a number of headaches.  Giving your deck or patio a nice pressure wash is a great preventive measure against mold and mildew.

Remember Mother Nature!  While you are curled up in your warm home or huddled up next to your fire pit, wildlife and nature do not have the same luxury.  Set out a few bird feeders and make sure to have proper foliage to help little critters find someplace warm.

Setup bird feeders in winter.


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