How to Create your Own Mini-Garden or Terrarium

Chase away winter blues with your own mini garden! Create a unique cacti terrarium or a miniature succulent garden.  It’s a fun activity as well as a great outdoor or indoor decor idea.

To create your own mini garden or cacti terrarium is very simple.  The tools and supplies you will need are about the same.  To start you will need:

1. A Glass Container or bowl of your choosing.  Be creative! Recycle an old vase or you can take a large bowl you no longer use and reinvent it.

Varieties of glass terrarium containers.

2. You will need the right tools.  A small potting soil shovel, a scoop, and some gloves will  get the job done.

3.  Choose your plants.  For a terrarium or mini garden you can choose many different kinds of plants.  Cacti, succulents, and mini plants and flowers can work together to create a colorful and vibrant terrarium or mini-garden.

Types of outdoor terrarium plants.

4. Appropriate soil and fillers.  Make sure you also have an activated charcoal mixture to properly aerate the soil mixture and purify the water. The soil mixtures that you buy should depend on the kind of terrarium or mini garden you plan on creating.  Add some rocks and potting soil as necessary for proper drainage.

Tools to create a terrarium

5.  Create your design.  Create a design using your cacti, succulents, or mini plants and flowers.  Make the design anything you like!  You can add small items to create a scene in your mini garden or you can choose to make a pure cacti terrarium.

Create your own miniature garden.

6.  Pick the perfect spot.  Whatever you choose to create, it will make a create indoor or outdoor decor item for your patio, deck, or sun room.  Depending on the plants you choose, put your creation inside as a beautiful centerpiece or place it on your patio as the perfect outdoor decor item.

Terrariums and mini gardens can bring a bit of spring and summer into winter months.  Chase away the winter blues and get started on this fun project.  Fill your outdoor space with succulent mini gardens, cacti terrariums, or colorful mini flower gardens.


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