Stay Warm On Your Patio

Paddy O’ Furniture truly believes that your outdoor space is for every season. But, Mother Nature doesn’t always work with our beliefs. When the weather is a bit chilly, there is no reason to fly inside into your home, all you have to do is find the right way to warm up your patio!

Our team of expert outdoor specialists sees 2 distinct possibilities in helping to heat your patio: Fire pits and Patio Heaters. Both were initially made for commercial use – specifically for use in bars and restaurants to keep visitors warm during cold winter days. Patio heaters dominate many commercial outdoor spaces, keeping al-fresco dinners warm late into the fall, and smokers comfy now that their habit isn’t allowed indoors. Today, fire pits and heaters are widely used in many households, basically to warm an area that is 10 to 40 feet in diameter.

They are available in different designs and styles to suit any patio or home decor. For people who love patio life and must spending long hours outside on a cold day, either is a perfect choice. On the other hand these are also ideal decor pieces.Both of these options have unique traits that might work for your client, and we’ve decided to feature some of them below!

Fire Pits

Fire pits are a great way to extend your party space to the outdoors. A fire pits is an attractive add-on to any gathering or outdoor fun everyone’s mood. A fire pit gives guests a more intimate feeling while meeting around and spending time with one another. So, regardless of the season, consider a fire pit as a gorgeous way to extend your outdoor living space.

Paddy O' Furniture Patio Heaters.

Don’t get nervous about the idea of having an open flame out there on your patio. Our collection of fire pits is available with several beautiful top options. Made of the highest quality aluminum and/or ceramic tile, a fire pits are a perfect addition to your backyard entertaining area. Live flame enhances any entertaining atmosphere, and heightens the enjoyment your guests and family. S’mores anyone?

Patio Heaters

The use of patio heaters holds several benefits and you can use in a multitude of decks, pathways, garden areas and patios.

Paddy O' Furniture Fire Pit

If you need to heat your outdoor area, patio heaters are an inexpensive and easy choice. What is even more amazing about propane gas patio heaters is how they can make your backyard the envy of all of your, neighbors and party guests.

Over the last few decades, patio heaters have become advanced and stylish,able to safely blend into any outdoor area. Paddy O’  Furniture is proud to feature the outdoor patio heater collection that are available with several stunning styles. Depending on the decor of your patio, we have the portable or residential heater to finish off the space. Now, even late Fall and early Spring become perfect times to use your patio! No sweater required!

So don’t let that outdoor deck or patio you love so much stay out of your life! Jack Frost shouldn’t be enjoying it all on his own. Paddy O’Furniture has plenty of options to keep you warm without wearing arctic sweaters!


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