Outdoor Design Trends from the Philadelphia Flower Show

So, it is officially Spring!

You know how we know?  Over the last week, the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society hosted their annual Flower Show.  Known as the “Olympics of Horticulture”, this 185 year-old institution is the largest in America.  This show is THE place to début new trends, ideas, products and plants that will rock your garden, yard, and meadow.  If you were not lucky enough to attend, you can see a lot of beauty and great tips at the Philadelphia Flower Sow YouTube page. But the Paddy O’ team plans on letting you in on some of the big tips, trends, and designs featured at this great show!

Philadelphia Flower Show 2014

Landscaping is moving from picture perfect to wild and rugged. Talented landscapers takes time to develop a look – even if it looks like raw forest. New lands and pieces of land maybe groomed and designed to look wild and unruly, but that is an obvious choice your making with property that should look rugged and untamed.

Trends in hardscaping are exactly what we expected – it is all about outdoor living.  Smart spaces that are comfortable, functional, and eco-friendly. It’s not just pouring a big dump of cement and spreading it flat anymore, modern outdoor spaces include reclaimed wood, recycled stone.  Water features are popular and make sure to integrate plenty of light.  Patio’s are back with a vengeance.

Once you designed, landscaped and/or “hardscaped” your space, it’s time for the furniture.  This year’s hottest items include durable and weatherproof furniture in bright and bold colors. Vibrancy in patterns and textures will keep your outdoor living experience as alive as possible.

Carmel outdoor furniture collection from Paddy O' Furniture.

This year is all about expanding your gardening and design horizons, so step outside of the same old gardening plot and trying something new. If we have your outdoors gears turning and you’re ready for Spring, be sure to come in to your local Paddy’O Furniture for more information and ideas.


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