Reasons to Consider a Career in Casual Furniture

Maybe you’re tired of sitting behind a desk all day, or your current position involves lots of cold calling with little to no creative outlet. Maybe you’re a stay at home parent or spouse looking for a way to indulge your passion for home décor.

Outdoor – or ‘Casual’ Furnishings as it is known in the industry – is an oft overlooked career field filled with unique opportunities and Paddy O’ Furniture is no exception. Our world-class customer experience is the culmination of the work of dozens of employees. Front and center of each and every customer interaction is our sales team, the Paddy O’ Exterior Designers. If you’ve worked in sales before or are looking for a career change here are a few reasons to consider a career in outdoor furnishings with Paddy O’ Furniture, Arizona’s #1 Outdoor Furniture Retailer.

Dynamic, Creative Work Environment

Our showrooms are centerpieces for beautiful outdoor furniture and accessories, there is no cold calling and your primary objective is to help interested customers embrace life outdoors by creating unique, inspiring outdoor living spaces.

While the furniture industry in general can seem a bit behind the times, we make a point of regularly searching for new and innovative ways to introduce technology and implement processes that expedite the check out process, making it easier than ever for you and your clients to focus on design and quality instead of tedious paperwork.


It’s a Balancing Act

Work/life balance is more than a buzzword at Paddy O’ Furniture. Though our stores are open 7 days a week, we work with each employee to establish a schedule that allows for a consecutive 2 day break. So whether you enjoy long weekends or need a mid-week breather we can find the schedule for you.


Relationships Matter

In interactions with both customers and fellow employees the ability to build relationships and participate in a collaborative environment is key to success at Paddy O’ Furniture.

Unlike many work environments where competition could be harshly encouraged or over-emphasized we feel that employees working together leads to a better result for our clients and higher overall employee satisfaction.

In addition, many of our Exterior Designers develop ongoing relationships with returning clients going back several years. When your goal is to enhance a client’s lifestyle and become a trusted advisor versus simply selling a product customers feel comfortable coming back and referring friends which is better for you and better for us.


Entrepreneurs Welcome

Many of our Exterior Designers liken their position to feeling like a ‘business within a business’.

While Paddy O’ Furniture provides dedicated training (more on that later) our Exterior Designers are encouraged to bring their unique creativity and personalities with them each and everyday. That means seeds you sow with potential customers are yours to harvest and communication – some of which is done using tools and collateral that we provide – is how you’ll build your best leads. Your clients will not only become familiar with the Paddy O’ brand, they’ll likely begin calling you by your first name as well.


We Don’t Believe in ‘Trial by Fire’

At Paddy O’ Furniture Exterior Designers go through a 60 day training period that includes sit down instruction, interactive exercises, proprietary software training and shadowing more experienced employees on the floor for a true-to-life look at what to expect as an employee.

Many of our Exterior Designers are successful and will stay in that position for years. However, we believe in promoting from within so you’ll find that several employees in senior positions and even members of the Executive Team began their careers in one department before advancing into their current position. As a Paddy O’ employee you’ll be encouraged to continue growing, learning and advancing. If there’s another position within the company that you have an interest in we’ll help you develop the skills and expertise necessary to make the move.


It’s Just Plain Fun

When it comes down to it, few things are as genuinely enjoyable to sell as outdoor furniture. Everyday you get to chat with customers about items you and they can be passionate about as you help them better appreciate the amazing outdoor beauty of Arizona – gorgeous rock formations and expansive blue skies come standard – while creating a new area of their home for them and their families to enjoy. What could be better than that?


Interested in pursuing a career at Paddy O’ Furniture? Visit our Careers Page to learn more about employment opportunities and submit an application.


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