Accessory Spotlight: Outdoor Rugs

Give your patio, deck, or porch a whole new look in a snap by adding an outdoor rug.


Don’t worry about over committing to vibrant colors or bold patterns with your patio furniture. Go neutral on your main pieces and cycle through a few different rugs during the year for visual interest. Outdoor rugs come in nearly every color under the sun and a variety of chic, fashion-forward patterns as well.

Just like indoor area rugs, outdoor rugs are both functional and stylish. They serve multiple purposes – from protecting your deck material to adding warmth for bare feet over a hard surface. They can also help define separate spaces within a larger outdoor area and bring together a seating group. Unlike indoor rugs, outdoor rugs specifically made using long-lasting materials developed to be weather resistant, stain resistant, and fade resistant.

This rug is part of Kaleen’s Home & Porch Collection. It is 100% UV treated, water protected polypropylene, and finished with “K-stop” non-skid backing.

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Choosing an Outdoor Rug

  • Pay attention to architecture, such as pillars, fireplaces, or fountains and overall shape of your outdoor area.
  • Choose a material based on placement, sun exposure and intended usage.
  • Look at your landscaping and home color for inspiration to create a harmonious color palette.
  • Outdoor rugs should be at least 2 feet wider on all sides than any table placed on them.
  • Look for outdoor rugs that have been UV treated or made with UV treated fibers.
  • Outdoor rugs should be big enough so that at least the front legs of all major pieces of furniture in a grouping can be placed on the rug.

Ready to liven your outdoor space with an outdoor rug? Shop Kaleen outdoor rugs in store or online at Paddy O’ Furniture. All Kaleen facilities are Eco-friendly and certified by the ISO 9000 International Organization for Standardization. With over 40 years experience, they are a textile industry leader known for creating beautiful, handmade, luxury area rugs.


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