Summer Decor Ideas

While the rest of the country celebrates the first day of summer, we know that the triple digit temperatures of the Phoenix summer have arrived and are here to stay.

Here are a few tips to prepare and keep your outdoor areas enjoyable throughout the season.

Add Pops of Color


Elaine Smith® Outdoor Pillows are both stylish and durable.

Bring in a new, brightly colored outdoor rug or lighten the mood with a few well chosen outdoor pillows. Whether your theme is monochromatic, Palm Springs chic, bohemian lounge or tropical paradise you can find a combination that speaks to your style.

Add Sling Patio Furniture
Sling patio furniture is especially well-suited for summer. It’s durable, low maintenance, comfortable and quick drying, making it ideal for chaises and outdoor dining. If the thought of sinking into a plush seat makes you sweat, sling may be exactly what you need on your patio this season.


Andora Sling remains a customer favorite for its classic lines and low-maintenance sling seat body.

Add Some Green
The climate can make it difficult for plants to thrive but succulents are the exception. These visually stunning plants can be used to  add a chic, organic element to your décor. Whether you do a small or large arrangement they’re generally hardy and require little care. Even better, they don’t typically require much water, making them ideal for our desert conditions.


Succulents are visually impressive but easy to care for.

Add Shade
In Arizona, shade is at a premium. While we Phoenicians are well-versed in ways to deal with the heat that doesn’t mean we want to fry in undiluted sunlight. A few well placed market umbrellas throughout the yard create ideal conversational spots while a large cantilever can define an outdoor entertaining or dining space. Add a lighting unit or choose a model that comes with for shade during the day and perfectly lit ambiance at night.


Cantilevers provide large areas of shady relief and can help anchor or define a space.

Add a Coffee Nook


The Valencia Club Chair’s open sides and light cushions are great for summer heat.


This time of year, early morning before the day warms up and post sun-down as the heat fades are the best times to be outdoors. Put together two club chairs and an end table or a small bistro on your front porch or on a smaller patio outdoors and take advantage of the pleasant AM temperatures and enjoy your (iced) morning coffee outdoors.


Add Protective Covers
Many Phoenicians elect to leave town during the weekends or for extended trips to escape the heat.  If you’re one of them, consider purchasing protective outdoor covers for your patio furniture. Not only do they minimize sun exposure – key for longevity – but they’ll also protect from dust, most critters and the occasional monsoon, leaving your furniture in great shape for when you’re ready to enjoy it again come Fall.

Tips and tricks to winterize your outdoor and patio furniture.

Protective Covers aren’t just for Winter. They also add extra protection against the sun, wind and rain damage that occurs in the summer months.


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