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Why is Patio Furniture So Expensive?

In a word: weather.

Rain, sleet, hail, monsoon winds, haboobs, UV rays, excessive heat and/or cold – the list goes on and on. And your outdoor furniture not only has to withstand these fits of Mother Nature but come through the other end just as comfortable and beautiful as it was before.

That’s a tall order. To meet it, Paddy O’ Furniture launched the Apostrophe Outdoor Furniture brand. After nearly 30 years in the industry we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes great patio furniture. Creating our own brand allows us to oversee every aspect of the process – from materials and craftsmanship to comfort and design – resulting in a higher quality product for our customers.

How Does Apostrophe Outdoor Furniture Meet These Standards?



All-Weather Wicker:

Apostrophe Outdoor uses a resin wicker – also known as ‘all weather wicker’ for woven pieces. This material is specially treated to be UV resistant. Resin fibers are also highly resistant to mildew, sagging, staining, fading and cracking, making these pieces incredibly durable and long-lasting.


Powder-Coated Aluminum:

Powder-coated surfaces are unlikely to scratch, chip or fade and they’re highly resistant to moisture, chemicals, UV rays, corrosion and damage due to extreme weather. It can also be applied in a variety of decorative pigments and finishes. Combine that with rust free aluminum – a tough, yet lightweight metal – and you have the ideal framing material for outdoor furniture.


Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabrics:

Unlike indoor furniture, which is protected by, well, a house, outdoor furniture is constantly exposed to the elements. Solution dyed acrylic fabric is made by dying each fiber all the way through to insure color fastness. This is often described by comparing an apple to a carrot. If you cut an apple open, the color is only on the outside. If it were a cushion it would quickly fade and any nicks or scratches would show the white underneath. By comparison, a carrot is orange all the way through, so no matter what it is exposed to the color remains the same – just as it does with solution dyed acrylic fabric.


Here at Paddy O’ Furniture we’re intimately involved with the creation of each Apostrophe Outdoor Furniture collection. We work hand in hand with world class artisans to design a product that is stylish yet functional. Our focus is on timeless looks that our customers can love year after year – because we know how long it will last – and attention to detail to give each collection its’ own unique flair.

And that brings us to…


It’s hard to pack so much into a comfortable piece of furniture but a durable, stylish uncomfortable chair is of no use to anyone. Think of the difference between driving in a luxury sedan versus a high-powered speedster with sports suspension. The speed and performance of the sports car may be amazing but you’ll also feel every bump and rut in the road.

Apostrophe Outdoor Furniture is constructed to last, look good and, most importantly, feel good. The cushions don’t just resist moisture and sagging – they also offer incredible support for a seat that you can sink into. Seams, buttons and straps are re-positioned to avoid creating uncomfortable lumps and bumps. The water and fade resistant fabrics we use are selected not only for their durability but also for their softness and suppleness.


Ultimately only you can decide what best suits your lifestyle and budget but for many the idea of replacing inferior quality sets every other season has become monotonous and wasteful.

When it’s time to upgrade to finely designed heirloom quality furnishings that are backed with the confidence of industry leading warranties, Paddy O’ Furniture is here to help. Come visit our award winning showroom and consult with the most knowledgeable staff in the business!

How to Purchase Patio Furniture Online

Finding the right patio furniture for your home can be a daunting task, and making such a large purchase online can present an even greater challenge. Luckily, Paddy O’ Furniture has some quick, easy steps that will make the process more manageable so you can enjoy a stress-free online shopping experience.

The truth is most of us are already doing our furniture research online. It’s not uncommon to spend days, sometimes weeks, comparing styles, colors, designs, and prices. The internet gives shoppers unprecedented access to furniture options, giving us a variety of resources to find exactly what we want all from the comfort or our couches. But, with so many items to choose from, the task can become overwhelming. Managing all those choices is part of what makes the Paddy O’ shopping experience so unique.

Paddy O’ Furniture works hard to create a luxurious outdoor furniture shopping experience online for our customers. See someone online that you like? Come into a showroom and try it out! Did you come into a store and fall in love with a piece, but need more time to think it over? No problem. Visit us online to complete your purchase when you’re ready, or add it to your ‘favorites’ for safekeeping so you can compare it to other possibilities later on. Whether you’re shopping online, in our stores, or both It is possible to find quality, stylish, outdoor furniture at Paddy O’ Furniture.

Here are a few tips about our website to enhance your browsing experience:

  1. Look through all of our patio furniture collections. They’re arranged in categories like ‘Plush Seating’ and ‘Outdoor Dining’ to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Our site also allows you to drape pieces in different fabrics so you can better visualize the finished piece. You can even use our online room planner to furnish your dream patio down to the smallest detail!
  2. Read the product descriptions and note the dimensions. Make sure you have measured your patio space to ensure you are getting the right size furniture for your design.
  3. Need a little help reviewing the options? Call us! The staff at Paddy O’ Furniture is always available to answer questions or send you more information. We conveniently have a “Request Information” button on all of our product pages to make it easy to find out more information about a product before you purchase.
  4. When you’re shopping online at the Paddy O’ Furniture Website be sure to sign up as a Paddy O’ Subscriber for specials, exclusive discounts and advance notice of the best deals on luxury patio furniture!

Finding the right patio furniture for your outdoor space can be simple and fun on the Paddy O’ Furniture website! Take your laptop outside and browse while imagining yourself enjoying your new lavish patio furniture!

Enjoy the outdoors in beautiful patio furniture from Paddy O' Furniture that you can conveniently purchase online!

Signs of Spring (Training)

Did you hear the big news?

Paddy O’ Furniture made a guest-star appearance on ESPN’s Sports Center thanks to a beautiful banner and a great catch.  In fact, it was the No. 1 story on Sports Center’s Top 10! We are blushing!

Here’s how it happened.  The Sports Center Top 10 featured a spring training game between the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants. During this exciting match, A’s right fielder Josh Reddick scaled a fence to make a catch right in front of Paddy O’ Furniture’s banner.  Great job Josh!

Here is a screen shot of our ad and the play. We think both are pretty impressive!

Paddy O' Furniture of Arizona is featured in Baseball Spring Training Game.

Outdoor Design Trends from the Philadelphia Flower Show

So, it is officially Spring!

You know how we know?  Over the last week, the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society hosted their annual Flower Show.  Known as the “Olympics of Horticulture”, this 185 year-old institution is the largest in America.  This show is THE place to début new trends, ideas, products and plants that will rock your garden, yard, and meadow.  If you were not lucky enough to attend, you can see a lot of beauty and great tips at the Philadelphia Flower Sow YouTube page. But the Paddy O’ team plans on letting you in on some of the big tips, trends, and designs featured at this great show!

Philadelphia Flower Show 2014

Landscaping is moving from picture perfect to wild and rugged. Talented landscapers takes time to develop a look – even if it looks like raw forest. New lands and pieces of land maybe groomed and designed to look wild and unruly, but that is an obvious choice your making with property that should look rugged and untamed.

Trends in hardscaping are exactly what we expected – it is all about outdoor living.  Smart spaces that are comfortable, functional, and eco-friendly. It’s not just pouring a big dump of cement and spreading it flat anymore, modern outdoor spaces include reclaimed wood, recycled stone.  Water features are popular and make sure to integrate plenty of light.  Patio’s are back with a vengeance.

Once you designed, landscaped and/or “hardscaped” your space, it’s time for the furniture.  This year’s hottest items include durable and weatherproof furniture in bright and bold colors. Vibrancy in patterns and textures will keep your outdoor living experience as alive as possible.

Carmel outdoor furniture collection from Paddy O' Furniture.

This year is all about expanding your gardening and design horizons, so step outside of the same old gardening plot and trying something new. If we have your outdoors gears turning and you’re ready for Spring, be sure to come in to your local Paddy’O Furniture for more information and ideas.

Stay Warm On Your Patio

Paddy O’ Furniture truly believes that your outdoor space is for every season. But, Mother Nature doesn’t always work with our beliefs. When the weather is a bit chilly, there is no reason to fly inside into your home, all you have to do is find the right way to warm up your patio!

Our team of expert outdoor specialists sees 2 distinct possibilities in helping to heat your patio: Fire pits and Patio Heaters. Both were initially made for commercial use – specifically for use in bars and restaurants to keep visitors warm during cold winter days. Patio heaters dominate many commercial outdoor spaces, keeping al-fresco dinners warm late into the fall, and smokers comfy now that their habit isn’t allowed indoors. Today, fire pits and heaters are widely used in many households, basically to warm an area that is 10 to 40 feet in diameter.

They are available in different designs and styles to suit any patio or home decor. For people who love patio life and must spending long hours outside on a cold day, either is a perfect choice. On the other hand these are also ideal decor pieces.Both of these options have unique traits that might work for your client, and we’ve decided to feature some of them below!

Fire Pits

Fire pits are a great way to extend your party space to the outdoors. A fire pits is an attractive add-on to any gathering or outdoor fun everyone’s mood. A fire pit gives guests a more intimate feeling while meeting around and spending time with one another. So, regardless of the season, consider a fire pit as a gorgeous way to extend your outdoor living space.

Paddy O' Furniture Patio Heaters.

Don’t get nervous about the idea of having an open flame out there on your patio. Our collection of fire pits is available with several beautiful top options. Made of the highest quality aluminum and/or ceramic tile, a fire pits are a perfect addition to your backyard entertaining area. Live flame enhances any entertaining atmosphere, and heightens the enjoyment your guests and family. S’mores anyone?

Patio Heaters

The use of patio heaters holds several benefits and you can use in a multitude of decks, pathways, garden areas and patios.

Paddy O' Furniture Fire Pit

If you need to heat your outdoor area, patio heaters are an inexpensive and easy choice. What is even more amazing about propane gas patio heaters is how they can make your backyard the envy of all of your, neighbors and party guests.

Over the last few decades, patio heaters have become advanced and stylish,able to safely blend into any outdoor area. Paddy O’  Furniture is proud to feature the outdoor patio heater collection that are available with several stunning styles. Depending on the decor of your patio, we have the portable or residential heater to finish off the space. Now, even late Fall and early Spring become perfect times to use your patio! No sweater required!

So don’t let that outdoor deck or patio you love so much stay out of your life! Jack Frost shouldn’t be enjoying it all on his own. Paddy O’Furniture has plenty of options to keep you warm without wearing arctic sweaters!

Winterize Your Outdoor Furniture

Ready To Winterize?

Okay friends, we need you to do just a few more things on your patio or outdoor space. I know, I know… It’s time to go Trick-Or-Treating or think about Holiday decorations.  But, without a little late-fall attention, your outdoor living spaces are going to begin to look shabby.  And besides just looking nasty, you could inadvertently damage your property through neglect. So, if you follow these super-simple tips, your outdoor living spaces will look great all winter long.

Preparing your outdoor living spaces for winter keeps them looking good through the cold winter months, maintains them, and prepares them for spring.

Tips and tricks to winterize your patio furniture.

Clean and Store Your Patio Furniture

The gang at Paddy O’ Furniture believes that cleanliness is KEY in keeping your outdoor furniture looking swanky, If you’re packing away patio furniture for the winter, give it a solid cleaning so your furniture isn’t sitting in grime for the next 6 months. Wipe dirt and debris off tables and chairs and spray down everything with clean HOT water. Make sure it all dries completely before storing it indoors or covering it with a patio-furniture cover. Tie each cover to the furniture’s legs so that it stays in place.  Store it and plan on finding it clean and fresh when you open it in the spring!

Tips and tricks to winterize your outdoor and patio furniture.

Scrub Patio Cushions

I know this slightly repetitive, but we have no problem highlighting it due to importance.  Cushions are GROUND ZERO for filth. Wipe off all your outdoor cushions with a soapy sponge and water, and scrub off anything that needs should be removed. Let it dry completely for a few days to make sure there’s no moisture left. If you find any mildew when cleaning your cushions, leave them in the sun (a natural mold inhibitor). When the cushion is dry, scrub off loose spores with a dry sponge. After washing and drying completely, wrap your cushions in an old sheet or a garbage bag and store them inside.

Protect Your Wood Structures

Winter is hard on wood, but you can prevent moisture and mildew damage with a little preventative maintenance. Move all chairs, tables and other furniture off any wood deck, and sweep it. Removing dead leaves and debris will keep bacteria and rotting material from damaging your wood. Once all clear and clean, apply a water-tight seal to prevent moisture damage through the winter months.  If you have furniture that is wood – take time to make sure the wood is covered or treated if you cannot move it inside.

Winterizing your deck

Take Care of Flowering Plants and Take Care of Any Weeds

While we might sell furniture, we adore plants.  So making sure your outdoor space blooms again is important to Paddy O’ Furniture. Trim any plants that are safe for fall pruning, think ahead and plant a few spring-flowering bulbs. Add a fresh layer of mulch over your newly planted bulbs to shield them from frost and chill during Jack Frost’s reign. If you have any remaining annuals, say “Goodbye!” to them. If you let the dead plants stay where they are, they can become home to insects through the winter. Bite the bullet and tackle any weeds you see now. We believe you’ll see more spring blooms if early plants don’t have to fight it out with weeds. Pull weeds by hand, or spray them so they don’t get a chance to develop roots between freezes.

By taking care of these winterizing jobs now, your outdoor living space will look good all winter long and be ready for spring.  If you have any questions on furniture care, you know the gang here at Paddy O’ Furniture is always ready to give you the insights!

Summer 2014: What To Expect By Looking Back At Summer 2013

Looking Back at Summer

Well, Summer 2013 is clearly over.

As the leaves change and the air gets brisker, and we say goodbye to our outdoor and patio fun but let’s not turn our eyes away from the idea of summer.  After all, summer is going to come again…Right?  At Paddy O’ Furniture, we know that the winter is the best time to review what your needs were from the past summer, look over the trends of the previous season, and plan ahead for the next year!  So today, lets review Summer 2013 trends to plan for Summer 2014!

As homeowners continue to spend more time and money on their outdoor spaces, outdoor furniture manufacturers have come up with new designs and innovative products to meet their growing needs and style preferences. The latest trends in outdoor furniture and accessories focus on indoor comfort, design flexibility, and making better use of your outdoor living space. Here are the top 4 outdoor furniture trends you can expect to see this spring.

Transitional Design

The biggest trend in outdoor furniture this year was the rush back to transitional design. Mixing classic and contemporary, transitional outdoor furniture blends the clean lines of modern furniture with the curves and comfort of traditional designs for a look that is simple, yet inviting. The popularity of transitional style furniture stems from its design versatility: Transitional outdoor furniture can easily be mixed and matched with more modern or traditional pieces and works well in any backyard setting.

Transitional outdoor furniture from Paddy O' Furniture in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona.

Stackable Patio Chairs

Stack it! Like Tupperware! Lightweight stackable patio chairs and table sets offer versatile solutions for small yards: they can be repositioned to maximize space and accommodate guests during picnics, pool parties, patio events, etc; then stacked and stored away when not in use. No fuss, no muss!

The need for space-saving furniture comes from the reality that many homeowners are moving into smaller homes and have less outdoor space. Stackable furniture is also easily portable. Many homeowners want to bring their furniture indoors during harsh storms or the winter months to help it last longer and protect it from the elements.

Stackable outdoor furniture from Paddy O' Furniture in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona.

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are a top trend this summer since they bring the look and comfort to your outdoor space. Like an interior rug, an outdoor rug can transform your entire outdoor space, by adding warmth, creating transitions, promoting a mood, and tricking the eye. Outdoor rugs are available in all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns to match any décor. You can find something amazingly snazzy, that also works in any weather conditions.

Plush Seating Furniture

Plush seating patio furniture has been a trend our pals in the indoor business have seen for a few years, and its now catching on in the outdoor world. Plush seating outdoor furniture, including sofas, loveseats, chaise lounges, upholstered chairs, and ottomans, were and will be the IT items…  Plush seating outdoor furniture features large, wide seating areas and soft, oversized cushions to create enticing refuge outdoors. It is all about comfy! Who doesn’t want to sink into something on their patio? It is all about comfort these days, and this furniture offers that.

Plush seating patio furniture from Paddy O' Furniture in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona.

So there you have it.  The Paddy O’ Furniture team looked over last years hottest sellers and all the amazing feedback from our customers. We studied the designers and have been to the markets.  So trust us as your patio soothsayers – these will be the trends this summer too.  Jump on the bandwagon – or patio – NOW!

Helpful Ideas: Designing an Outdoor Living Space

By: Marcia Blake

Approach the design of your outdoor space as you would an indoor space, applying the fundamental principles of interior design on the exterior. One technique is to pinpoint a focal point, which is the spot to which your eyes are drawn. It could be a sweeping vista or a majestic fireplace. Whichever point of interest you choose as the focal point you will create a unique canvas that your family and friends will delight in.

An additional design practice is to construct an “anchor” which acts as a catalyst of what the outdoor space provides. By way of illustration, this entertainment unit set in the middle of a Ramada is one way to utilize objects as an architectural feature.

Many times on covered patios in the Scottsdale & Phoenix metropolitan area, the fireplace is the focal point, however, the view of the desert landscape will catch the eye on either side of a fireplace. Add recessed lighting over the fireplace to make the hearth stand out subtlety against the dusky sky.

Fireplaces and fire pits have distinct characters; a fireplace has a meditative feature, as everybody sits in front of it spellbound by the flames. A fire pit, on the other hand, is extremely conversational, the people surrounding the flames and across from one another.  Both can have significant roles even when not lit.  A fireplace frequently requires you pay attention to its majestic structure, whether made of stone, brick, stucco or concrete. A fire pit is usually less dramatic, but commonly has a ledge or other attributes that permit you to make use of it as a seat or as a spot to prop a book or a drink.

When seating is arranged around a fireplace, consider adding decorative drapes to enclose the outdoor living area and keep the warmth in. The furniture should create an environment conducive to conversing: your guests will fall into dialog comfortably, which produces delightful social gatherings.  Place chairs in a symmetrical arrangement to establish a more formal mood, or consider purposefully positioning the chairs in a random presentation, clustered into sets of two or situated in sizable collections. Think about keeping movable seating on hand, such as fabric ottomans to create a conversation space on the spot.

The choices for patio materials are practically bondless in terms of color and shape. If you like a traditional style a brick patio might look best, while a freeform flagstone patio looks great with the Arizona landscape. An ordinary concrete patio can be embellished with a brick or flagstone border, it can be stained a color to coordinate with your décor. Another style that you may like is a decorated tile in different sections of the patio, set apart by swaths of a more neutral medium; it continues to be a highlight without becoming overpowering. If your home is a Mediterranean style a patterned terra-cotta tile will match subtlety with the outdoor furniture’s fabric not to mention with the house itself, while smaller tiles around the outer edge can intensify visual appeal.

Once your space starts to take shape, add accessories to emulate interior living spaces and you will be on your way to creating the perfect outdoor room.

Design Outdoor Rooms to Reflect your Lifestyle

By Marcia Blake

Outdoor living captivates the indoors outside and beautifies your front and backyard with the same enthusiasm you embellish a much loved room in your home. It is all about expressing yourself!

A different way of thinking about the outdoor room is to focus on being inside the outdoors. What would you expect to see inside your family room? A warm fireplace, plush sofa, comfy love seat, rocking club chair, accent end table, custom drapes, decorative throw pillows, cozy throw blankets, some scented candles, a cocktail table, a bowl of fruit, a stereo system, a piece of artwork, and a flat screen television. The options are limitless. You just need to imagine a place that you want to spend most of your time, after that you need to create this image just as you envisioned it to be.

Once you have spent a lot of time and effort creating the ideal outdoor living space you will still need to distinguish it just like you do with your interior spaces. You can tie the room together as you express your taste in style. One finishing touch would be to strategically place a piece of outdoor artwork, a Weatherprint to accentuate the patio, garden or entrance of your outdoor living space. This art can also be the focal point of your room, on a wall or above a fireplace. Open Air Designs uses cutting edge materials like lightweight rust proof aluminum and ultra violet resistant inks that will not fade in the sun, as well as, wind resistant brackets. This is a perfect way to expand your design possibilities.

              Little Cactus                                      Evening Glow                                           Tuscan Beauty

               Still Life                                                    Tropical 9                                    Green Hills of Tuscany

Another example of bringing the inside out is in the use of multiple coordinating fabrics and trims on the drapes that hang from the pavilion or separate the living and dining spaces. Don’t be afraid to use color and texture outside, choose fabrics that make you feel good and reflect the inside décor.  Create custom pillows with the use of trims and coordinating fabrics and sprinkle them around the seating area. Lanterns with candles illuminate these outdoor living spaces along with the chandeliers and fire features. Mix and match materials in these outdoor settings, juxtapose wrought iron with glass, steel with terra cotta, wood against woven components, soft chenille textures and linear lines to get a new twist on an Old World style.

Designing outdoor rooms to reflect your lifestyle has never been easier. Today professional interior designers, landscape architects, garden designers and homeowners are decorating their outdoor living spaces using the latest high quality and design inspired furniture and accessories to dress up these outdoor spaces. The spring and summer weather provides us the luxury of creating an additional living area with all of the comforts, design and style that have previously only been available for our indoor rooms.

 Solair Retractable Awning                                             Paddy O’ Furniture Showroom

Shade makers are important features during the blistering hot days of summer. Accent or blend fabrics as you expand your home with a remote controlled Solair awning. It’s easy to add more space to your home, to add a safe sheltered outdoor area for your kids, more room for entertaining or just your own private retreat, it’s all possible-simply by reinventing the space you already have. A beautiful easy care awning will add shade and shelter as you add style with the added benefit of reducing your energy use throughout the year. With the touch of a button, a retractable remote controlled awning powered by a remote controlled Somfyâ motor can be stored out of the way The Solair retractable awning is made with Sunbrellaâ fabric, which can reduce interior home cooling energy consumption and provide sun protection from the sun’s rays for delicate interior furnishings not made of Sunbrella fabric as well as you and your loved ones.

                                         Treasure Garden Umbrella’s at Paddy O’ Furniture

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using awnings and umbrellas made with Sunbrella fabric as part of your complete sun protection regimen, along with the regular use of sunscreen. Coordinating Treasure Garden umbrellas with your outdoor furniture is easy especially with the latest selections available on the Sunbrella Kiosk for special orders. Expand your design possibilities as you reveal your sense of style.

Sunbrella Fabric Kiosk at Paddy O’ Furniture

As we create environments to complement our casual lifestyle, enjoying our homes by designing from the outside looking in, we are spending more time entertaining family and friends while utilizing the extended home’s living space. Trends in outdoor furniture closely follow the latest apparel trends utilizing vibrant colors, soft fabrics, high quality, design and function. Some of the latest trends in furniture and accessories add vibrancy, style and comfort to the outside living space. The outdoor living space should be a reflection of the indoor designs. Color, texture, quality and design are moving outside.

No longer are we confined to muted colors and simple design. Now color can create an ambiance of romance, quiet leisure, subdued elegance or vibrant energy. Accessories are moving upscale along with the furniture. The future of outdoor living spaces is bright.